Responsible Government

Miguel Levario is a strong and capable leader who will be present, available, and welcoming of the diverse ideas and concerns of the men and women of District 19.


Equality of Opportunity

Good jobs build good communities. Miguel believes every worker deserves compensation that provides a life with dignity and a family's shot at the American Dream.


Healthy Families

Healthcare is a human right. Miguel knows every man, woman, and child in our rural and urban communities deserves to have quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare.


We need to protect the future of our students by supporting our public education system and trusting our teachers. Coming from a family of educators and being one myself, I understand how hard teachers work for our kids and will make every effort to help improve our world-class schools.

To learn, students must feel safe. To educate, teachers must be well-funded. To offer support, parents must feel confident and be heard. As a community, we must work together to continue our tradition of quality education. As your representative, I will work to expand education funding, offer teacher support through loan-forgiveness programs, and promote student-focused policies.


We believe that growing a healthy community starts by supporting the health and wellness of individual community members. We will work to guarantee the improvement of healthcare for everyone in West Texas.

Healthcare must be available and affordable for everyone in our community. Healthcare should not be a luxury reserved for the wealthy. As your congressman, I will make sure everyone in West Texas is guaranteed healthcare so we can all live active, healthy lives.


To grow our rural economy, we need to support innovation and sustainability. To support innovation, we need good-paying jobs for the hard working members of our community so all of us can raise a family and live the American dream.

We cannot build our community by tearing others down – domestic or foreign. We need to establish good relationships with our trading partners, so our farmers and ranchers can can thrive rather than simply survive. While in Washington, I will support bills that help our farmers and ranchers prosper on the free-market.


Change only happens when you get involved.

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We need a responsible, caring leader who works for ALL the people in District 19.

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Early Voting: October 22 – November 2, 2018
Election Day: November 6, 2018


As one of his professors in graduate school in American history, I can attest to Miguel's high intellectual abilities, his serious dedication to family and work, and his sincere concern for the people, especially the welfare of the most needy among us. Miguel is clearly the best person to represent his district and Texas in Congress. May God bless his campaign, his family and his future as a U.S. Congressman.

Emilio Zamora

Our country needs intelligent minds to take us forward. Miguel is the right man for our moment in our history.

Robert Candelaria

Because he believes that all Texans must be represented not just his political party members.

Larry P Dumas

I endorse Dr. Miguel Levario because all Texans must be represented.

Rosa Sheets