Democrat Congressional Candidate Talks to Abilenians

By April 24, 2017Press
The Abilene Post

Victoria Aldana
The Abilene Post
April 24, 2017

Having grown up surrounded by borders, his house in Anthony just 15 yards from New Mexico and his high school in downtown El Paso mere miles from the international border, Miguel Levario is building a grassroots campaign on trade, immigration, and a united community.

Levario, a Democrat who currently resides in Lubbock, announced his plan to run as a candidate for Texas U.S. Congressional District 19 on Monday. He visited with constituents in Abilene Wednesday evening at Cypress Street Station to share his intentions. He held a public announcement at Miguel’s Tex-Mex Cafe, no relation there.

Miguel Levario speaking with constituents at Cypress Street Station in Abilene, Texas.

The key points of his speech included beneficial trade, immigration, and community development.

Levario is an Associate Professor of History at Texas Tech who specializes in borderlands history, race, immigration, and Chichana/Mexican American history.

He emphasized that it is beneficial to our country to have effective laws and mutually-beneficial relations with its neighbors and other countries across the globe.

District 19 encompasses rural areas as well as Lubbock and Abilene. Levario’s platform included a plan to offer more resources to farmers and rural school districts. “We need to provide isolated districts with the resources they need to ensure excellence,” he said.

Levario said he plans on being available to constituents through town hall and public meetings and, if elected, wants to be a transparent leader from Washington.

“My parents never let us forget that we should always serve and help others,” said Levario. He is using his humble upbringing to serve others by listening, understanding, and communicating. Levario also said that it is his perseverance, self-reliance, and compassion that allows him to listen, learn, and serve.

A Democrat hasn’t represented District 19 since 1985. Levario is looking to unseat incumbent Jodey Arrington, who took office in January. He said for a Democratic representative to win he will need to be present and active, and encourage people to consider Democrats as another choice despite the dominance of the Republican party in recent decades.

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