Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Today there is plenty of talk of Bed Bugs, do I have bed bugs, and how to get rid of them. Maybe you are wondering what do bed bug bites look like on human skin? Or you may have other bedbug questions, this is common. If your thinking you can get rid of bed bugs by yourself I would like to offer some advice.
First and foremost, do your home work and train yourself on the anatomy of the bug your dealing with. This may sound simple but many bed bug jobs and the experience of getting rid of them has taught me a lot more than any book or bedbug picture could.

Bedbugs are Hard to Get Rid Of

You can not under estimate the resilience of the bed bug. Some companies may offer a so called “BED BUG KIT” and try to make you believe any one can get rid of them.

Eco Friendly and Green Products for Bed Bugs

Other Companies may offer Eco or green products promising the world to you. All of these things may work but what I have found is it isn’t the product or “kit” that matters but the knowledge and perseverance of the person using them.
The process of applying chemicals must be taken seriously and the mistake of over applying is often the case when one tries to kill these bugs them selves including “ECO” or “GREEN” products. Don’t think for a second that these chemicals are some how safer for you or the environment.

Watch How You Apply the Chemicals, More is Not Better

If one over applies with these chemicals it can be just as dangerous as any other chemical on the market.
Let patriot pest control come on over and give you a free Bedbug inspection. We will all ways provide free inspections and advice for those afflicted by this new epidemic of bed bugs. We will walk you through the preparation process. We explain the chemicals and equipment we use and why it works. Through this process we will demonstrate our knowledge share our patience and guaranty a successful outcome.

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