By July 27, 2017Issues

As a university professor for over 10 years who comes from a family of educators, I know that education is invaluable. To invest in education is to invest in the future of Texas. I attended elementary and middle school in a small rural and underserved district in Anthony, Texas where my mother worked as the school secretary for over 25 years.

I understand first-hand the need for more support from our federal government in underserved schools. Our primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities are not businesses and should not be treated as such. At the federal-level I will fight to protect programs, like the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, bilingual education, art education, adult education, vocational training, and others that directly benefit the residents of District 19.

I strongly believe that our bright and eager young people should not be burdened by large student loan debt. I will fight to make student loan interest low and keep loan forgiveness as an incentive for our students who enter under-staffed jobs, such as social work, rural and low-income school districts, family and rural medicine, and others.

Our primary and secondary school teachers need to be supported with the didactic tools and resources necessary to provide a dynamic and productive classroom. We need a school funding and support system that will provide equality of opportunity for all our children and young adults so they may take their skills to the free market and positively impact our communities.