LGBTQIA Fairness

By July 27, 2017Issues
LGBTQIA Fairness

“Love is Love,” these words ring true in TX-19 and across the globe. There are times when we as a community are divided on issues of public policy and then there are times when we come together. In this case, we are a community that supports and treats one another with respect and dignity.

We find value in our differences in the community whether it be in our growing business sector, schools, or places of worship. This not about promoting any agenda other than affirming our citizens in the District equitably.

I will continue to be a voice of reason on behalf of our District to insure the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision supporting marriage equality and the benefits for married partners are honored in policy and practice. Other areas where we need strong inclusive representation related to orientation and identity include: Raising awareness and visibility; Education; Healthcare; and Public safety.

We must be part of the greater conversation around inclusivity of everyone we call our children, neighbors, colleagues, and friends.