Maine Termite Control

Maine termite control contractors serve the public by working in people\’s homes to discover and root out termite colonies. Without the control measures of these professionals, Maine residents would have no recourse when they were faced with such difficult circumstances. Termites are a particularly tough pest to deal with because they are so elusive. You may have thousands of them in your walls and never even know it until the damage is severe enough to cause other problems. This is the essence of the termite control problem. Too often, by the time we discover that we have them in the home it has already cost us a great deal of trouble and money due to the damage they cause.
Maine termite control specialists have effective and powerful ways of dealing with these creatures. Unlike homeowners who can only access store bought remedies, professionally licensed companies in Maine can use the latest equipment and the very best baits and chemicals to eliminate the colony from your home and solve the problem before it becomes too severe. Some of us are understandably hesitant to take on this type of service because of the potential cost. That is why this site exists, to give homeowners a chance to look into the price of termite control services and to make the choice whether or not to proceed with hiring a Maine contractor.

Termites Emerge in the Springtime

Although it is technically true that termites can cause problems all year long, in Maine the biggest threat of an infestation happens in the springtime, between the months of March and May. When the area begins to warm up and when rains come and the humidity is high from all the moisture, termites love to establish colonies and get going with their handiwork. Termites love warm, moist areas which is why they can sometimes be found in bathrooms in the flooring and areas such as that. But the spring is the time when pests get the conditions they love regardless of where they go. So, people in Maine in towns like Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, and Auburn ME need to be especially watchful in the spring.
This time of year is when the swarmers come out. A swarmer is a termite that gets wings in the springtime for the express purpose of finding a place to start a new colony. Once that place is found and the swarmers mate up, they drop their wings and get to work.

Looking for Signs of Infestation

One huge sign of infestation you may notice before any actual termite damage is the presence of swarmers indoors in the spring. They can be mistaken for flying ants, but there are several ways to tell them apart. The wings of a termite are all the same size, they have a uniform waist, and their antennae are straight. In all three ways they differ from ants.
The presence of swarmers inside the house almost certainly means there is an active infestation. If you discover any in your Maine home, immediately get into touch with Maine termite control companies and get started in the process of overcoming them. In a lot of cases these pests will emerge from under the porch or the basement or crawl. When you discover termites in the home, you can look for mud tubes that they may have built to get back and forth to the nest. See if the tubes are abandoned or if there are small worker formosan termites inside. Above all, get a Maine termite control inspector out and do not try to do the job yourself. You may not even know how big or small the problem is, because it is very difficult for the untrained eye to know what to look for to locate them in homes they have infiltrated.

Importance of Termite Eradication

Getting control of this problem is hugely important. It is critical to get a Maine termite control contractor, or preferably a few of them, out to the house to check things out. Getting control of termites can be very hard even for professional technicians, so homeowners typically have no prayer of solving the problem on their own. Be proactive and get Maine termite control technicians in as soon as possible. It may mean the difference between very minimal and extensive (expensive) damage to the home.
Folks with Maine termite control issues should take the initiative to deal with the problem as soon as they are aware of it. Pest control is a complicated task and Maine termite control technicians need all the time they can get to get the job done. Don\’t hesitate and do not settle for over the counter remedies that will only waste your money. Trust a Maine termite control professional to take care of the infestation and prevent it from coming back.

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