Motorized snowblower: how to choose the best model

Winter has arrived, and the chances of snowfall are very high, especially if you live in the mountains or in cities or areas where low temperatures, snow, and ice are often expected. We help to choose best 2-stage snow blower under $1000.

The snow is definitely very charming, the landscapes become breathtaking, but snowfall often cause us problems and we reserve unpleasant surprises, such as block us the avenue to the house, preventing us from going out with the car to go to work or to run expense.

So, if we live in areas subject to this frequent and abundant snowfall, we should necessarily think about buying a motorized snowblower.

A snowplow is an indispensable machine that allows us to free external spaces, even very large ones, from accumulations of snow with extreme ease, and above all, it is the ideal replacement for the classic and tiring shovel. The latest generation motor turbines are equipped with advanced features that help us clear snow without making too much physical effort.
Obviously, before spending random money and buying any snow plow, you have to ask yourself some questions and analyze some variables, namely: • On which surface will I have to work with the snowplow?
• How intense are snowfalls usually?
• What type of soil is there?

Once the answers are clear, let’s see how to choose the snow blower that best suits our personal needs.

One-stage or two-stage snow blower?

On the market there are different models of snow plows, each of which has different characteristics, there are electric ones, petrol ones or battery ones.
But in general, snow blowers can be grouped into two broad categories: those with a single-stage engine and those with two-stage engines.
Let’s see more specifically why they differ:

1. ONE-STAGE ENGINE, this type of snow plow is suitable for small surfaces covered with powdery and not very compact snow. This type of snow blower is light and easy to use.
Ideal for use in the city, to clear house paths, sidewalks or small patios covered with moderate snow coverings.

2. TWO-STAGE MOTOR, it is preferable to use this type of snow blower instead, where it is necessary to operate on larger and wider spaces, and where the snow is heavier, more compact and watery.
Furthermore, it is especially indicated where gravelly soils are present.

To choose the snow blower that is right for us, we must consider, as mentioned above, the size of the area to be cleared, what is the type of snow to which the place where we have to use it is usually subjected and finally the abundance and the frequency of snowfall.

Once these premises have been made, let’s take a closer look at the types and technical specifications of a snowblower.

Technical characteristics

Type of advancement: tracked or wheeled snow blower?

The composition of the terrain and the abundance of snow are the variables to be analyzed in order to choose the type of snow blower that is right for us. Many snow blowers are equipped with wheels with tires on which snow chains can be mounted.

The small support surface given by the wheel means that this snow blower is more efficient on asphalted surfaces since on other types of terrain they could sink.

They are particularly suitable for squares, car parks, and driveways.
The tracked snowblower, on the contrary, has a high support surface, it follows that it will have less thrust but will not collapse; it is, therefore, more suitable in cases where you do not want to remove the snow thoroughly by choice or necessity.

Furthermore, if the area is subjected to frequent and abundant snowfalls, this tracked type is more suitable since the latter enjoy much better traction than those with wheels, and can climb steps or snowdrifts.

The turbine discharge distance, which clearly varies from model to model, should not be underestimated.

Finally, among other aspects to consider before buying a snowblower are the start mode or the driving technology.

Some of the most modern snow plows adopt power steering: this technology allows greater maneuverability and is preferable if we have to use the machine on paths with many turns or on a space where we have to steer often.

As a type of starting instead, the electric one is preferable, the most performing in conditions of intense cold. In this case, it would be better to have a garage equipped with electrical outlets.

Last advice: if due to lack of space we are forced to leave it outside, we should always cover it to prevent the cold from damaging it.

Good purchase!

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