Quality Affordable Health Care and Rural Health

By July 27, 2017Issues
Quality Affordable Health Care and Rural Health

I will relentlessly act to ensure that all residents of District 19 have access to quality and affordable healthcare. As a largely rural district, I understand the unique challenges the Affordable Care Act (ACA) poses on rural health and the need for states to expand Medicaid to get folks covered and keep rural hospitals open.

I will fight so that the ACA’s good intentions are realized in rural districts. I will also seek strategies to recruit and retain physicians and nurses in rural-healthcare delivery.

Incentivizing health care providers to pursue rural health through federally funded appropriations within the ACA and loan forgiveness can fill the vacuum of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals in rural districts.

The hard-working men and women of our rural and urban communities deserve to have quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare.