Renew your garden

September, return of the vacations and return to school. We all have a bit of post-vacation syndrome. Starting September is almost like starting a new year, that is, the perfect time to make new proposals such as the renovation of the garden. In this case, you cannot do without tiny drill press.

We can’t think of a better plan!

Get to work and get your space ready. Adapt it to the new season, autumn is just around the corner so it’s a good idea to change the air in your outdoor area.

If you are lost and do not know where to start, here are some tips to start the change little by little without losing your head.

Get back into the routine

Routine is not synonymous with something negative, it’s good to have a schedule and organize yourself to have time to work and rest equally.

The new normality has forced many to work from home and teleworking has become part of our daily lives, so why not have a good place to work on the terrace? Adapt it to have an outdoor office, put a good table and install the plugs that are necessary, you can put more extras but these will be the essential.

As we return to work, we return to healthy habits. Create your own outdoor gym, leave a space in the garden for exercise and get in shape at home.

Enjoy your free time

It’s not all work, after the vacations we feel like meeting up with our family and friends and telling them about our summer. Take advantage of the good time we have left to have those meetings with those you love the most, but don’t forget to get your home ready.

Probably, after the vacations, the garden has been a little abandoned, so we recommend doing a general cleaning of it. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, remove the flowers and plants that have dried and replace them with some more typical of the season. Don’t run out of colors and scents in your garden, terrace or patio.

Create spaces where you can relax, rest and enjoy your free time. It is important to look for furniture that is versatile so that it can be used in multiple situations, comfortable for meals and for remote work, as well as being resistant to the rain and cold that will come with the arrival of autumn. Another option if you do not want to change the furniture, is to renew the one you have with small functional details that make a difference.

What should we take into account?

It seems that the most obvious is the change in temperature and weather conditions, which are undoubtedly the main factors. But something that goes hand in hand and we must also bear in mind is the time change and the hours of light. You will need to adapt the lighting in your garden, not only to give it an atmosphere, but also to be able to carry out the rest of the activities with the best possible vision.

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