Topsoil Improvement Methods

Deciding on a way to make topsoil better can depend on the existing quality of the topsoil, however, there are several ways to do this.
One of the most useful things for the gardener to learn is to understand the workings of what is known as topsoil balance. Topsoil balance is a way of understanding the physics and chemistry of the soil. It includes understanding topsoil physics, chemistry and biology which help to make sure that the topsoil’s structure, nutrients and biology are all balanced perfectly.
The Mikhail system is well-known for topsoil balance maintenance. This system of topsoil balancing focuses firstly on the soil’s structure which enables good friability and topsoil composition so that living organisms can flourish. Topsoil needs a skeleton to enable the other elements of its make-up to exist and be sustained, rather like the human body. Topsoil needs essential chemical elements such as Hydrogen, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium.
The Mikhail system then helps to ensure that the nutrients and biology of the topsoil is in order. The structure then also needs to be balanced. Essential elements for plant nutrition are Phosphorous, Potassium, Nitrogen and Sulphur. Fertilizers can be added to provide a needed nutrient boost once the topsoil structure has been improved. Most general garden fertilizers are based on NPK, which provides these essential chemical elements. Topsoils also need to have the correct levels of trace elements.
Testing the topsoil is the best way to discover exactly what is missing, what isn’t and how improvements can be made. This can be done using testing kits for soil, which will provide the necessary information for the gardener. Once tested, the soil can then be improved by making the necessary changes to by adding fertilizer, lime and any other improvers that are required.

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